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How to renounce Indonesian Citizenship to obtain Singapore citizenship

What you need before going to Indonesian Embassy
Here's the step in English:
1) Make a Declaration Letter from Notary Public that you want to renounce your Indonesian citizenship
- ICA Approval letter
- Passport
- Indonesian Birth Cert
- SKBRI (if any)
- KK - Kartu Keluarga (if any)
- KTP - Indonesian IC (if any)
If you do not have any SKBRI/KTP/KK, just state in the deed poll declaration
This will cost $150 (cash)
You can use this Notary Public
Tan, Lee & Choo Advocates & Solicitors
1 Park Road
#04-04 People's Park Complex (next to Chinatown MRT)
Singapore 059108
Tel: 6535 6077 (can speak to Donna, she's quite nice)

Tan Kwong Wah
ADI hp: 90038909
101 Upper Cross Street
#04-22 People's Park Centre
Singapore 058357
Telp 64380388.

2) The declaration letter from (1) needs to be certified by Singapore Academy of Law, located at Supreme Court Level 4 (that UFO-like building in City hall)
This will cost $80.50 if you want it express (within a day), if you do not want express i think it will cost less than $30, submission before lunch, collection next day after 2.30pm.

Alternatively, step 1 and 2 can be done by the Notary Public, it will take around 3 working days.

3) The declaration letter from (1) needs to be endorsed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located at Tanglin area, near Australian embassy, Botanical Garden etc.
Better to take taxi to go there, it will cost around $5.80 from City Hall to go there.
The endorsement will cost $10 payment by nets or cashcard only.
Below is the map

4) After you have done step 1-3, you can then go to Indonesian embassy with the following:
- Declaration letter
- Your Indonesian Passport + copy
- Your Indonesian Birth Cert + copy
- Your SKBRI + copy (if any)
- Your KK - Kartu Keluarga + copy (if any)
- Your KTP - Indonesian IC + copy (if any)
- copy of your ICA approval letter
- copy of your Singapore IC
- copy of your marriage cert, if you're married
- copy of your spouse IC, if you're married
- copy of your spouse passport, if you're married
- KBRI form
Do not sign first, as you need to sign on the stamp duty, you can buy stamp duty it's $2 from KBRI.

KBRI Opening Hrs
Submission time: 9-12pm
Collection time 2:30-4pm
It will take 5 working days to complete.

Here's the form from KBRI for renouncing the citizenship

When it's done, you can go to ICA to take your oath.
Once it's done, you can apply your passport right away, it will take around 1 week less to get your 'red' passport.

KBRI Singapura
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