Monday, September 30, 2013

Change tyre
> so if those brands from Malaysia will be cheaper right???
> You are right. Unless you get those locally made in Malaysia. Otherwise Singapore is cheaper.
> Those brands like Maxxis, made in Indonesia, Msia, etc tyres should be cheaper in Msia.. But these brands don't really cost much more in SG to begin with. Something like $80-100/piece for typical 16".
I changed to Neuton, made in Indonesia, 18" for $150/piece in SG.
> i changed ps3 over there cos much much cheaper
was quoted 130 to 135 per piece in sg
went there to change onli 250rm per piece
still take in my old tyres at 100 rm
total out 1 piece onli ard 90sgd inclusive of alignment somemore
sg alignment $40 to $50
> XM2 also cheap there. I change at RM200 per piece for 15inch. Originally was RM270 but after trade in, become RM200 per piece. Inclusive free alignment and tyre rotation. They even pump my spare tyre. 
> i was recommended by my m'sia mechanic to change tyres in singapore as he said its much cheaper . Also heard from my colleague saying that tyres change in singapore is safer and better cos u nvr know if you will get "smoke" anot. 
Btw recently i change my tyres to ls2000 good year "made in japan" plus rims and was charged at sgd 700 for whole set cum personal bolts to lock the rims. Not sure if its ex anot.
> When you change tyre try to check the year made. I made sure it is less than 6 months old.
> Change in MY, wheel rotation is not FOC, Sg is. Add up the cost, still SG is cheaper.
> Heard from my m'sian colleague that branded tyres are generally cheaper here.
However if u r going for those unknown brands or tyres made in MY, it will be cheaper there.
> for eg, the gy eagle F1 is made in msia instead of germany or thailand. if u want must special indent which will cost more than sg liao. 
so to say its cheaper and has a wider range back here.
> i changed before 4-5yrs was a dunlop model (SP9001 or something) made in malaysia and not avail in was fine for 2 yrs of usage...but ask me if i would do it again, i thk most prob not....cos if got issues, no time to go all the way in to rectify...
Singapore can give you the wider range of tires to choose and price being more competitive.
Stay in Singapore to do is my suggestion.
you can try many shops to hunt your desire till you are satisfied.
Just make sure your current tires is still safe to drive around.
soh brothers at amk ind pk 1. find uncle frankie =)
poh heng or ban hin.. many good shops out there... idea.. lol
Falken Tyres (205/50/R16) for RM$260 at Taman U.
Economical type of tyres.
Mileage wise: used an average of 55k per set Rotate every 10k.
Already in my 3rd sets.
Just wanna share with you on this so that no one will kena con again at JB .
Few weeks back i went to JB for car balancing  & alignment. The mechanic told me that my wheel not straight and need to adjust and change the chamber nut if not the tyre will get " botak" very soon.  He charge me RM 35 per pcs. RM$70 for 2 chamber nut with installation. Later, I realized from my friend that I was kena Con. ( I'm not the first person, many other get cheated...)
The chamber nut won't help. The guy just wanna to push all the car owner to change the chamber  nut so that they could make more $$$.  My friend who work in many tyre shop . He told me that the " tauke " alwasy want them to push the customer to change the chamber nut. That is how they survive . In fact, the nut is totally useless.. even worst than the fix chamber nut.  Just to share with you guys my experienced . I know many S'porean like to go JB for car service and change tyre...etc  Now, I blacklist that shop, i will never viist that shop again.  Those who kena con before.. should know this... HawK tyre service, behind the Shall petrol station at Taman Tebrau.
Bridgestone GR80
This tyre has an average grip and it is very much quieter.
My Recommendation – If u are quite a family guy, this tyre is for you!
Price – Not too expensive as well. About $95/tyre.
Alternativelty can try Michelin XM1 but of course a bit more expensive
Soh Brothers Tyre Shop and located at Blk 4001, AMK Industrial Park.
> hey bro ed, i got these tyres as well but had them changed in JB. costed me like RM170/pc, so next time shd u need to change again, do it in JB => . -phil n430
MY made tires is cheap but not very good. Wear out uneven.
MY tire made from Thailand or Vietnam is much better and not expensive too.
I brought a pair of 14" kumho at RM160 each. Been using for nearly 4mths already.

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