Sunday, March 16, 2014

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Pindah alamat/change address

Update Change of Residential Address in IC (For Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents residing overseas.

Under the National Registration Act, an Identity Card (IC) holder is required to report his/her change of residential address within 28 days, including changes to a place of residence outside Singapore. 

(i) Reporting an overseas address; and
     If you are reporting an overseas address on your IC, you may
     (a) Inform in writing to ICA at:
    Immigration & Checkpoints Authority 
    Citizen Services Centre 
    Level 3, ICA Building 
    10 Kallang Road
    Singapore 208718 OR
   (b) Fax to (+65) 62936991
Upon receipt of your notification, ICA will update your address through OSCARS and an address sticker will be sent to you for affixing on your IC.
(ii) Providing a Local Contact Address (LCA) for election voting purposes ( For Singapore Citizens)

Utk praktisnya sebaiknya statement dari pihak swasta spt rekening bank, pub, internet, mobile bill ganti ke e-statement 
Kalo dari pihak pemerintah spt income tax, property tax, Ica, dll ganti ke e statement di bawah ini. Beres dah gak usah pusing kehilangan surat (Website untuk ganti alamat untuk surat-menyurat dari government)

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