Thursday, September 2, 2010

Confinement nannies
- Aunty Liqing 81306297 06-7646504 / 016 3630054
Bad experience 
- Aunty Lian 81949668 06-7621609 / 016 6385219
- Aunty Gui Hua 91305526 012-2878467
- Xing 016-7403557
- Esther 81332077 Wah 017-4661989
- Aunty Xiang 96147098
- Aunty Choo (Day CL) 98476976
- Premier Confinement Nanny <>
During the confinement period, the nanny will:
  take care of your baby 24hrs (incl bathing & feeding), 
  cook confinement meals for you, 
  cook normal meal for your hubby  do basic housework such as sweeping & mopping of floor twice a week 
  do laundry for your baby, your hubby and yourself.
  prepare confinement bath for you
  brew red date tea for you
Do confirm your booking early as the number of nannies willing to work during CNY is limited. If you decide to do a booking, we'll process the booking at your home at a convenient time. Do give me a call at 91007311 if you need any further assistance. We look forward for your confirmation of the booking soon so that we can reserve a nanny for you. Do note that the above quotation is only valid for 1 week from this mail reply. Thereafter it will be subjected to any upwards price revision due to higher market demand. Best Regards Premier Confinement Nanny Care Agency
- Name: Cha Chong Lin (aka Auntie Lian)
My Malaysia home: +6064541792
My Malaysia mobile: +60122568732
My Singapore Mobile: (+65)81599238 (for SMS)
My Singapore Mobile: (+65)83046423 (for calls)
E-mail Address: (do not check when on assignment)
- The confinement lady's contact # is 94303324. Calls her Pei Yi (as it the auntie who accompanies during confinement).
pei yi not her name ..... she charges abt 2k (maybe more since it is near to CNY) and when she comes, hv to give her ang pao and when she returns also hv to give her ang pao tt is the tradition for confinement
- Petrina Seltu
56, Parit Bunga 84000, Muar Johor
Telp: 02-06-9527217

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